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Africa is experiencing significant economic growth and fast becoming an attractive prospect for companies wanting high growth and secure investment.We provide
Business Appraisal
Planning and market visit assistance
securing mining leases and licences
Administration and general management
Community Liaison services
African countries are perceived to be tough to do business. Understanding how to navigate her operating environment is crucial to maximizing potential within the continent and prosperity for Investors. We provide innovative business solutions, offshore investment advice including government regulations and procedures through due diligence.
Marginal Fields I Plant Pre-commissioning I Product Distribution
When in need of this service, the first thing we’ll do is a general assessment of the situation. After assessing the extent, we’ll see what can do for each our customers. Please note we employ a case-to-case warranty policy for all our products.
Fulfilling the economic and social promise of the continent, developing the continent’s huge electricity capacity is paramount to African governments, thereby creating opportunities for massive investments in energy projects. We leverage on our experience within this sector and understanding of the energy mix within this emerging market to provide unique solutions and projects for Investments.
This is now a rapidly improving sector and is paving the way towards digital economies across Africa. The opportunities within Africa’s emerging economy have provided a boost for the discerning Investor. SE SYGNON’s expertise and understanding of African governments needs for a digitized Africa will guide in providing Investors with access to projects and policy directions within the sector.